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Mel at Thought Bubble

Hi, I'm Mel, a freelance copywriter
& content creator.

I breathe life into words.

Thought Bubble Content

Need copywriting and content that will make people stick around?

 Tell a captivating story.

Ever been to a party where people are wandering toward the door at the end of the evening...but then everyone starts standing around listening to someone tell an amazing story?


Suddenly, there's magic...


Everyone's rapt and there's rowdy laughter and a happy warm glow. Next thing you know, the people who were set to leave are in the living room dancing, their coats forgotten on a chair.

The mood changed. They're all in now. It all went up a notch and they'll be telling people about the party for a while to come. The good feelings linger.


That's the power of a good story. 


And THAT'S the feeling you want for all your copywriting and content. People don't want to leave. They want to be around for what comes next. 

Hire a writer who can get people to put their coats down and stop heading toward the door. Maybe even grab another plate of those little meatballs while they cozy up in the kitchen for a longer night than they'd anticipated, just soaking up that glow.

My name is Melanie Grinnell, one-woman show over at Thought Bubble Content. You should get in on this's blowin' up!

I'd love to help you tell a magical story for your brand. Get in touch!

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7 reasons why you should partner with


I can write you copy that illustrates your expertise and authority and will engender trust with your audience...but I specialize in making emotional connections with audiences through storytelling.


If you want to create excitement, they'll ride roller coasters through double rainbows. If you aim for nostalgia, we'll conjure up fresh-baked cookies in Grandma's kitchen. If you wish to present your brand as being a tad cheeky, we'll toe right up to the line of getting our mouths washed out with soap. 

I've got ya.

Make people feel something and they'll remember you


In the time that Mel was writing blogs for the Entertainment® Rewards & Incentives team, they were the top 3 visited blogs in Google Analytics with thousands of readers. Today, they are still the top 3 and one of them are in the top 20 pages visited on the site.


Enough about statistics, let’s talk about Mel. She is a fantastic person to work with. She is organized, detail oriented and fun. It was a pleasure working with Mel and I would recommend her to work with any organization looking to write relevant

content with an engaging style.

LISA KUEHL, Senior Manager of B2B Marketing @ Afin Technologies

"Melanie’s writing talents, along with her background working with Sales and clients to plan and execute marketing programs, make her uniquely suited for developing a brand, honing its voice and speaking to its customers through varied channels."



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