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I'm Melanie Grinnell, 

a copywriter and

content creator

with about 100 years of B2B marketing experience.

Mel at Thought Bubble.jpg

Okay, not quite. We weren't using hand-crank printing presses...but the sound of a fax machine would certainly trigger some memories (and maybe a little PTSD ;)


Suffice to say, I go waaayy back with B2B marketing in my last job as a Production Manager at a large discounts and promotions company.


Before I started writing copy and content at that company, part of my job was editing copy our clients supplied. I read and re-read some of that stuff till it practically became part of me. I believe I have 11x17 healthcare newsletter copy about incontinence etched upon my eternal soul by now. 


Permanent scar? Perhaps! (haha!) But it's all contributed to making me a better writer and serves as a foundation for writing that builds and fortifies brands.

If you'd like to hire a copywriter and content creator who's lived and breathed B2B marketing her whole career, please reach out to me!

Read on to learn more about how my marketing and writing background can benefit you OR, skip down to learn why a writer who's been around the block (and stopped to chat with all the neighbors) might be just what you need.

Thought Bubble Content is constructed upon on the foundation of my B2B production experience and a solid framework of copy and content I've written.

Trying to convince Medicare members to get flu shots or engage in healthy behaviors to improve your star ratings?

I’ve provided consultation on copy for a huge list of the largest health insurance companies and know the industry well. Check out this blog post I wrote about communicating to members.

I provided the ‘voice’ for my former company's new app and I wrote notifications for the company's main app.

Looking for the right tone for your in-app messaging?

I’ve done blogging that got attention! Sales loved them and they got more clicks than any other posts on the blog. The 3 that I wrote still hold the top 3 positions for click thru rate.

Do you need regular blog posts for your business that help demonstrate your expertise and establish you as an authority in your industry?

I've done a lot of that too.

Take a look at my portfolio.

Need B2C blogging or copywriting? 

I can work with you to create just the right message in just the right voice for whatever you need.

Writing forged in the foundry of B2B marketing production

The products I built went out to millions of people for dozens of  Fortune 500 companies so I am familiar with a wide variety of verticals: 

  • real estate

  • health insurance

  • restaurants

  • retail

  • travel

  • casinos

  • energy

  • education

  • consumer packaged goods

  • communications​...and lots of others


Clients provided their own copy, but I did a lot of editing. This experience helped to inform the writing I've done and puts me in a good position to write from many different perspectives. 

Books produced in my Production Manager job.

I've written a little bit of everything:

  • B2B & B2C blogs posts

  • Website copy

  • In-app messaging

  • FAQs

  • Emails

  • Video scripts

  • Case studies

  • Notifications

  • and whatever was needed

My production background has given me a perspective that other writers might not have:


Eye-catching design + powerful words = ATTENTION

If you need collaboration with a designer, I’m right at home with that. I have partnered with many designers over the course of my career so I've developed an understanding of their perspective and I can easily jump into that type of partnership.

I've been in your shoes.

I've been in your shoes.

You need to work with people who are dependable and invested in your success. I’ve hired freelancers and awarded enormous jobs to all types of vendors. I know what it was like to work with great partners--and bad ones. I strive to be a partner you can trust.


Deadlines are sacred.

Your schedule is important. I understand just how critical it is because I’ve created about a million schedules and I was the one bringing teams into alignment to follow them. 


I'm a team player.

I’ve also been the coach, the manager and the cheerleader. I’ve worked closely with clients, Sales, Account Management and all other parts of the team to ask the right questions, provide consultation and ensure my deliverables hit all targets. Now I want to make sure you hit all YOUR targets so I will do everything in my power to make things go smoothly.

Want to learn more about how my B2B marketing and writing experience can help your business?

Or keep reading to learn a little more about my writing...

Thought Bubbles Blue.jpg

give rise to your voice

and get attention

Writing Anchor


Great writing can paint a mental picture and inspire action!

I can write about anything, but I excel at eliciting emotions, squeezing the senses, poking the feelings a bit. And maybe throwing in a little sass if you want to keep it light.


Of course, there’s a time and place for everything. The writing I provide depends on what you need, who we're speaking to and what kind of voice your brand has. Just tell me what you need and I got you! Or let's work together to figure that out.

I'm a writer and a storyteller, but your brand sets the scene

I'm good at telling tales, but your brand determines the story. If you've got data that is part of your background, I can spin your yarn and weave your facts and numbers right into the fabric of your narrative.

I love researching and talking to people so if that is the most effective way to get to the heart of the matter, I’m all over it.

Sometimes laughter gets the best results. Other times being serious is the right approach. I can develop copy and content with whatever vibe you are trying to cultivate for your company, product or project.

Colorful Knitting

Sometimes you

take the scenic route to your destination…and you find that the journey enhances everything that happens once

you arrive.

The journey began with the smartest girl in the world

Early in my career, I wrote a short story about the smartest girl in the world as a freelancer for a line of children's workbooks called Summer Vacation. I had a concentration in children's literature in college so that was like a dream come true!

I became the project manager for that product line and contributed many different bits of copywriting for kids throughout the books as part of my day-to-day job for 6 or 7 years. 


My writing for children is in a couple million of those workbooks! If you need copywriting for children, get in touch! 

Summer Vacation 3rd Grade
Summer Vacation 5th Grade
Summer Vacation 5th Grade cover
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Write what you know

A few years ago, I decided to try to get back to writing so I began offering my services within the company where I worked.


I knew I was capable of writing well, but also, I KNEW all those programs from pre-sale and planning through delivery--because I DID the planning, the production and the delivery. 


Why not write about something I'd LIVED and absorbed my whole adult life?

I started re-writing case studies and editing the blog posts that freelancers were doing and soon I was writing all types of copy and content in support of the company's marketing efforts. 

My pandemic job loss was a blow...and a blessing

I lost my job due to the pandemic, along with about a third of the company, right before a promotion to Content Manager was to come through. Of course, right? Thanks, 2020! 

That was a shock, but I picked myself up, considered my options and saw that maybe this was a perfect time to build something new…and Thought Bubble Content was born!

2020 wreaked havoc, but glimmers of hope appear

Last year was full of tragedy and trial. But in a way, maybe it gave some of us a gift. So many people are taking the hot garbage that 2020 handed them and composting it into rich soil to grow something new and wonderous.


If you need copy for a website because you are starting a new business, I virtual-high-five you!


Or perhaps you need to find a freelance copywriter because you are in the marketing department of a company that has undergone some cuts. I feel your pain. 


Regardless of how you landed here and who your audience is, you're still talking to PEOPLE. And I know how to get people's attention. And that will, in turn, GET YOUR BUSINESS MORE ATTENTION.  

Tiny Green Plants
thought bubble blowing.jpg

Whether you are running a business or a marketing department, you’ve got a lot of heavy lifting to manage.


I can lighten your load by lifting your brand’s voice so you can reach customers. Let's cross that off your list!

So there ya go. Now you know me a little better.


I'd LOVE to learn about YOU so let's talk!


Or if you want to really crawl into my brain, here are...


Okay, I'm opening a bottle of wine...all right, yes, fine, it's been open...anyway, the shoes are's about to get real.


Get comfy and delve into waaaay more than you probably needed to know about me...but that's're nosey...I get it...

Swimming Coach


I signed up for advanced swim lessons a couple years ago to finally learn how to swim laps properly. The Advanced “all ages” class turned out to be a pool full of children. And I completely dominated that pool.

Hoard House Hamtramck.jpg


My house is decorated with things I’ve purchased at garage sales and estate sales my whole life. About 10 years ago, I had so many treasures, I partnered up with some friends who were opening an antique store. "The Hoard House” was a funky little shop in downtown Hamtramck. If you needed 1960s underpants or glasses so nerdy that a mean 8th grader would punch you out upon exiting the store, we were your one-stop shop.

Race Flash.jpeg


I’m originally from Western NY, between Buffalo and Rochester, out in farm country. My grandpa was a horseman and did harness racing at various tracks along the east coast. My family has a memorial race for him every year. 47 years in the that guy could tell a story!



I made a pair of leather boots by hand. I took a week-long intensive one-on-one training a few years ago when I thought I would lose my job. Making shoes was the answer to my “what do you REALLY want to do” question. I still want to make the shoes that I have in my head and have never been able to find. It pains me. So I intend to do so at some point.



I have been running for 25 years. I have never once run a race. Ain’t my thing. It’s my therapy.



I have a cat named Buster. We’re in a constant struggle over who is the boss of the house. I’m training him to roll on his back when I tell him to “show me your big belly” so I might be winning at the moment. When he’s not battling me for power, he enjoys hiding in the bushes and pouncing dogs and small children. He’s the worst. I adore him.

Gold Dollar 2.jpg


Aww, look at that sweet innocent girl hanging out at the Gold Dollar back in the day. I've been going to see loud bands in divey bars in Detroit (Rock City!) since CDs were on the merch tables. I’ve had the good fortune to see tons of great shows in all those years. But please forgive me in advance if I ask you to repeat yourself a few times—my eardrums have paid a hefty toll.



In 2012, I founded something called “Fun Feb” for my team (because February is the worst). I created a calendar of fun activities to hasten us toward March and it grew to into a beloved company-wide event. The high holiday of Fun Feb was Cheetos Boofay Day. It was a magical day that was anticipated like Christmas. And yes, that is a cornucopia of a coffee filter...with chopsticks.   



My great-great aunt Pauline gave me my first journal for Christmas one year. I started writing in it when I was 10 years old and I’ve been doing it ever since. Sooo many boys getting their hearts BROKE in those volumes. Ok, not really. 

lake 2018.jpg


And finally, I love travelling when I can, but I think anywhere you can float in a body of water on a hot day with family and friends and beers...that’s really the best place you can be.

After all that, I think we're pals now--it's official. And you should definitely get a hold of me. Hire me to write copy and content for you or, heck, just tell me how your day's going now that we're BFFs. 

Thought Bubble Content...this is where the magic happens.

Are you enchanted yet? 

It was the cat, right? That guy's adorable. 

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